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All About Kerbi Lynn

Hey there, as you can very well read, my name is Kerbi Lynn. I am a 23 year old who has no idea what she is doing! To be more specific, I am a recent graduate of The University of Georgia where I majored in Human Development and Family Science. Like many other college students, I had a plan while in school. I get the degree, I graduate, get a job, then maybe go to graduate school to increase my salary, then live happily ever after... right? Absolutely not. It has only been four months since I graduated (December 2020) and somehow that has all crumbled. How you ask? Oh I'll tell you.

Where do I even begin? Probably the villain origin story for millions of people... the Covid-19 Pandemic. Or as I like to call it, the Panoramic. I was still in school but everything had been moved online after spring break so I was bored just like everyone else. I wasn't working, school work was very skim, and they messed around and gave me a weekly unemployment check. With the extra time and money on my hands, I stumbled into makeup.

Now don't get me wrong, I had been wearing and buying makeup for years at this point. It was an interest of mine and already had plenty of my coins but something about it wasn't quite polished. So, my best friend and I (who I happened to share an apartment with at the time) decided we would buy different versions of the Norvina Artistry Eyeshadow Palettes for Anastasia Beverly Hills and from there on, every other night or so, we would do our makeup. Each time was an improvement on what we did before and at some point we had pretty much perfected our skills.

Somewhere along the way, I realized everything about makeup was important to me. The application of makeup, buying makeup, talking about makeup, suggesting makeup... all of it was amazing. So I decided to brand myself. I started an instagram and a tiktok page (@kerbilynnbeauty) solely dedicated to makeup and it has been gradually increasing since it's creation.

Following my heart about makeup made me realize something else. I REALLY like making content. I like making things for public consumption, especially of the media variety. Having been born in 1997, I basically grew up with the fast escalation of technology and while there are pros and cons, I think social media is great and provides us with many opportunities. Hence, the creation of this blog. From a young age, I always liked to write. College forced me to write about things in an academic way so I fell out of love with it but this has helped me come into who I am as a person and as a creative.

Please enjoy the many facets of my life. Learn from me, teach me, and share with the world.

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